The Place Where Every Child is A Swimmer

Swimways academy is a proper school of swimming
that runs its training programme with standard curriculum with the aim of ensuring every child that passes
through its programme attains mastery of skills within a given duration.

At Swimways Institute EVERY CHILD IS A SWIMMER.
Just like in a regular school, every child is expected to acquire knowledge


Full Scale School Swimming Program

This is for schools that have swimming in their core curriculum. We run school’s swimming program

Swimming Clubs

It is for schools that have swimming as an extracurricular activity, we have a program tailored for you.

D. Water Aerobics

It is also called Aqua Fitness. Jogging and aerobics sessions in a gym are essential ways to keep fit


Beginner Level

For non-swimmers and fresh learners. Children who are through with this level move on to intermediate class

Intermediate Level

For swimmers who can do some basic swimming. Children who have gone through this level graduate to the advanced

Advanced Level

All children are welcome to this level but we bear in mind that not all children will choose to go for...

Our vision is to have a Nigeria
where every child is water safe
and a country that wins medals
in swimming at the Olympics

Our Mission Statement

  1. To prevent children from drowning by equipping them with life-saving, water-safety skills
  2. To grow the swimming community in Nigeria
  3. To help children develop healthy lifestyle through participation in sports
  4. To create an enabling environment for future champions in swimming

Swimways Academy

: Learn and have fun in the company of other swimmers in your school
We are swim teachers and not instructors. We use lesson plans to ensure learning takes place.